Fleurie - Lunch, Diner, Borrel, Vergadringen, Feesten

De Driesprong 11
5241 TJ Rosmalen
The Netherlands

+31 73 523 69 90

Business meetings in an attractive atmosphere...

Meetings and conferences are business matters. In an appropriate location with the right decoration, every meeting or conference can become a special affair. Brasserie Fleurie lends itself perfectly for this. Meet in a classic and inspiring space, have a delicious lunch and dine afterwards. But also networking while enjoying a snack and drink is among the possibilities.

The meeting rooms are available at a minimum spend of €142.50.

Minimum spend means that at least that amount has to be spent on eating, drinks and peripherals. If the total amount turns out to be lower than the minimum spend, the differece will be supplemented to the bill as rent.

Grand café - Brasserie Fleurie Rosmalen

De Driesprong 11
5241 TJ Rosmalen


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